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About GRACE Center


Established in 1987, GRACE Center has been providing outpatient counseling services with a mission of helping heal the lives of those in need. 


GRACE Center is a fully licensed and accredited substance abuse counseling facility serving Crawford and its surrounding counties. Our staff is experienced in a variety of treatment methods, which we put to use for the people who come to us for help.


Individual Counseling (one-on-one meetings with an experienced counselor) is perhaps our best known service, but we also offer a variety of Problem Resolution Groups focusing on women's issues, substance abuse, parenting struggles, and others in which small groups of people with similar problems help one another with the assistance of a trained counselor.


When circumstances permit, our staff members also offer spiritual counseling and are available for leading retreats or workshops. Presentations at such events might be on topics related to substance abuse, mental wellness, or anger management. These unique educational offerings provide an opportunity for new learning as well as a deeper reflection on a variety of individual problems. These presentations are appropriate for schools, church groups, businesses, and the like.


Sibling Piggyback

The GRACE Center staff operate from the "Growth" model of treatment, which presumes we're all human and we're all in this together. The Growth Model also presumes you are the greatest expert on your life and the counselor is there to help you unpack the knowledge and the solutions you already carry with you. In this model, the counselor is just as apt to grow more human along with the client. 

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